Sunday, November 9, 2008

Burning through the back log

I know I just posted three comics yesterday but I'm just gradually getting the back log online. I eventually hope this will be a weekly comic (and for it to be on a legitimate website instead of just a blog). But until the backlog's all up you'll all be treated to a daily (or semi daily) dose of destructogasm.

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Looks good, Joseph. The text is a bit tough to read for an old fart like me. When you upload the image, choose the largest image (check my blog,, to see an example of the size)and this may solve your problem.

I dig the slice of life subject matter, a time-honored tradition for a reason: it works, especially with someone like you who truly observes the local color and knows how to bring it to the page.

When I get a minute, I will drop a post about your work on my site and set up a link there as well.

Thanks for sharing.

Stephen Haynes
Wethersfield, CT