Friday, April 2, 2010

What the hell happened?

I know. I know. I know. I suck at maintaining a blog (by the way my spell check says that isn’t a word. interesting). Well here’s my life in a nut shell for that past four months.
I graduated from MCAD and because the job I had was pretty much based on the pretense that I’m a student, I am now a bum. Stupidly I took a month to sit on my ass instead of looking for work and now I share my time between looking for work and mopping around my apartment depressed because work cannot be found. My girlfriend (and her cat) moved in with me so I guess I’m livin’ in sin (at least as far as my parents are concerned). Now we start the rigorous task of unpacking. I’ve been working mostly in my sketch book but am hoping to actually put out a decent portfolio piece at some point (yeeeeeeah). Here’s a little doodle I just pulled out of my ass of Adam West. Don’t ask me why I did a doodle of Adam West. I also realized that virtually none of the work I’ve put up in my last several posts have been in color. I hope to remedy that soon.
For now the job hunt continues and I continue to look for good excuses to leave the apartment once in a while. Hopefully I’ll get back on the whole one-post-a-week wagon but who knows.

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