Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's the thing...

Alright, I’ve been negligent in posting on here. I’ve been busy with school and activism and whatnot. Still kinda coming down from a rather heavy mental health break (also a regular health break). It’s been a heavy year to say the least and it’s far from over, but I really think the worst of it is over.

I HAVE BEEN DOING ARTWORK! In fact I just have been backed up on putting it up. Mostly because I’ve had the fear of god put in me on the subject of posting art online without putting a watermark or a copyright on it. I still have a ton of things I have to take down, copyright, and repost. But here’s something. A very large and ambitious tattoo I did for my ex (we we’re dating at the time that I did do this). Enjoy.

Also please stay tuned. Artwork for The Odds: Book 2 will be coming soon (for real this time).

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