Friday, December 30, 2011

New work coming soon

So I can't dispute that 2011 has been a very heavy year. Personally I would say that 2011 was the worst year of my life. Fortunately 2011 is also nearly finished. 2012 is going to kick ass. I've been working quite a lot lately. Trying to get a full illustration a week done (ya know, like an adult) here's a little sample. Sorry the picture quality is shit. I took it with my cell phone. I have a back log of stuff that needs to be scanned and once that happens you should be seeing a lot of awesome new work. Hope everyone out there has a good (and safe) New Years. Lots of love.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's the thing...

Alright, I’ve been negligent in posting on here. I’ve been busy with school and activism and whatnot. Still kinda coming down from a rather heavy mental health break (also a regular health break). It’s been a heavy year to say the least and it’s far from over, but I really think the worst of it is over.

I HAVE BEEN DOING ARTWORK! In fact I just have been backed up on putting it up. Mostly because I’ve had the fear of god put in me on the subject of posting art online without putting a watermark or a copyright on it. I still have a ton of things I have to take down, copyright, and repost. But here’s something. A very large and ambitious tattoo I did for my ex (we we’re dating at the time that I did do this). Enjoy.

Also please stay tuned. Artwork for The Odds: Book 2 will be coming soon (for real this time).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm not dead by the way.

Well that's ALMOST a month. So yes I have been doing new work (including work on The Odds) and another big bit of news: I'm walking again. Still dealing with jerking off the insurance company, but it's nice to have that part of myself back. I'm taking a couple classes at MCTC and am actively looking for steady work (if anyone hears of anything let me know. This little pic is for a project I'm doing for my typography class. More work on the way.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Issue...

Wow. 2 updates in the same month? I know right? Well the thing is I have kind of a lot of work that I’ve been producing since the accident. I’ve been finally scanning it in now so hopefully I’ll be a much more frequent poster than I have been for the past several months.

I’m really surprised I never bothered to put this up. This is the T-shirt design for the 2011 Twin Cities Dyke March. I was hoping for something that would outdo last year’s design, but what came out was so different it’s hard to even really compare the two. Also I couldn’t really come up with a neat visual depiction of “Every Issue is a Queer Issue” so I just decided to take it in a more graphic direction. They actually sold obscenely well. Of the 2 prints we made I think we only have maybe 3 or 4 left that haven’t been sold. Also everyone really seemed to dig the concept of writing on their shirts.

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Lawrence Photography © 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gingers do it Better

Hey all. Been a hell of a year. Let me see if I can kinda catch folks up. I’m walking (ish), I now have a lawyer, I broke up with my partner (which has been hard), I designed the T-shirt for this years Twin Cities Dyke March (Second year in a row) and it sold obscenely well. I lost my job. I’m on my way back to school this fall, and there is just a great deal of change in my life.
I’ve done a whole lot of new art and I’m getting it all scanned in now. In the mean time here’s something that I just finally finished. My very first submission for Threadless. It’s called “Waxing & Waning” and I hope it gets in. Voting should start on it in the next couple days so make sure you rank it high (like a 5). You can vote for it here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feel the Magic

Holy crap, I’m almost getting to doing monthly posts. That’s pretty astonishing. I have been producing a lot of work actually (some even on The Odds) but the lack of a scanner prevents me from showing a lot of it to you. Hopefully that’ll get fixed soon.
So here’s what’s going on. Still recovering from surgery, actually just had a follow up today with a new x-ray and it looks like everything’s healing nicely. Ill be able to start putting weight on it at the end of June. The drivers insurance has been not too nice, almost to the point of saying they wont be giving me a dime. The idea of suing them has come up more than a few times.
In the mean time everyone should attend Glamboree Vol. 2, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood TC Avengers. This Wednesday (Jun. 1st.) at the Exchange (see poster for info, also I designed it). There will be more info on Dyke March as it approaches but this year’s theme is “Every Issue is a Queer Issue.”

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I think it’s high time I took responsibility for this image. I made it about a year ago as a promotion for the 2010 Twin Cities Dyke March. Before I was nervous that it was going to pigeonhole me into being a “Sex Artist” but now I don’t know what the fuck was I so afraid of. I drew the fucking consenticorn! It’s actually gotten to the point where other people have been using this image so I feel I need to leave my mark on it now if that’s gonna be the case.
In other news. I HAD SURGERY! Yup. Turns out the docs at the ER can’t read a damn x-ray and when I finally got into the orthopedics office for a follow up I found out the bone in my leg had descended and need emergency surgery. I now have pins and a plate and my leg and a hole that will soon be a big ass scar. Can’t wait to show that one off. But, hey, I am still alive. I have to get a lawyer, which is rough but I will get through this and all the family and friends who’ve given support. FUCK YEAH! You all are awesome!