Thursday, April 14, 2011


I think it’s high time I took responsibility for this image. I made it about a year ago as a promotion for the 2010 Twin Cities Dyke March. Before I was nervous that it was going to pigeonhole me into being a “Sex Artist” but now I don’t know what the fuck was I so afraid of. I drew the fucking consenticorn! It’s actually gotten to the point where other people have been using this image so I feel I need to leave my mark on it now if that’s gonna be the case.
In other news. I HAD SURGERY! Yup. Turns out the docs at the ER can’t read a damn x-ray and when I finally got into the orthopedics office for a follow up I found out the bone in my leg had descended and need emergency surgery. I now have pins and a plate and my leg and a hole that will soon be a big ass scar. Can’t wait to show that one off. But, hey, I am still alive. I have to get a lawyer, which is rough but I will get through this and all the family and friends who’ve given support. FUCK YEAH! You all are awesome!

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