Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feel the Magic

Holy crap, I’m almost getting to doing monthly posts. That’s pretty astonishing. I have been producing a lot of work actually (some even on The Odds) but the lack of a scanner prevents me from showing a lot of it to you. Hopefully that’ll get fixed soon.
So here’s what’s going on. Still recovering from surgery, actually just had a follow up today with a new x-ray and it looks like everything’s healing nicely. Ill be able to start putting weight on it at the end of June. The drivers insurance has been not too nice, almost to the point of saying they wont be giving me a dime. The idea of suing them has come up more than a few times.
In the mean time everyone should attend Glamboree Vol. 2, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood TC Avengers. This Wednesday (Jun. 1st.) at the Exchange (see poster for info, also I designed it). There will be more info on Dyke March as it approaches but this year’s theme is “Every Issue is a Queer Issue.”

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