Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gingers do it Better

Hey all. Been a hell of a year. Let me see if I can kinda catch folks up. I’m walking (ish), I now have a lawyer, I broke up with my partner (which has been hard), I designed the T-shirt for this years Twin Cities Dyke March (Second year in a row) and it sold obscenely well. I lost my job. I’m on my way back to school this fall, and there is just a great deal of change in my life.
I’ve done a whole lot of new art and I’m getting it all scanned in now. In the mean time here’s something that I just finally finished. My very first submission for Threadless. It’s called “Waxing & Waning” and I hope it gets in. Voting should start on it in the next couple days so make sure you rank it high (like a 5). You can vote for it here.

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