Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Issue...

Wow. 2 updates in the same month? I know right? Well the thing is I have kind of a lot of work that I’ve been producing since the accident. I’ve been finally scanning it in now so hopefully I’ll be a much more frequent poster than I have been for the past several months.

I’m really surprised I never bothered to put this up. This is the T-shirt design for the 2011 Twin Cities Dyke March. I was hoping for something that would outdo last year’s design, but what came out was so different it’s hard to even really compare the two. Also I couldn’t really come up with a neat visual depiction of “Every Issue is a Queer Issue” so I just decided to take it in a more graphic direction. They actually sold obscenely well. Of the 2 prints we made I think we only have maybe 3 or 4 left that haven’t been sold. Also everyone really seemed to dig the concept of writing on their shirts.

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Lawrence Photography © 2011

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